Delighting, Exciting, and Empowering Your Buyers. That’s Salespeak.

The world is changing. And so are buyers’ needs and expectations. 

Right now, buyers demand products and solutions that give them what they need in a way that fits their goals, KPIs, and costs. And if they don’t get it right away, they’re gone. 

But the typical sales process doesn’t meet this need. It’s stuck doing things the “old way.” And that means it’s stuck, period.
Don’t believe us? Imagine gathering a group of B2B founders and business leaders and asking if they enjoy talking with an SDR or junior salespeople, or getting spam calls and emails. What do you think the collective response would be? Right – not pretty.

But these same B2B founders and business leaders are still using those very tactics to convert their OWN prospective customers. Why? Because they’re tied to their creaky sales process and failing to see a bigger and better picture.
Salespeak’s team of B2B, sales, marketing, tech, and AI leaders is dedicated to solving that ever-difficult and pressing problem: How to drive sales growth without friction. The result is a platform that directly aligns the sales process with the buying journey. It’s an AI brain and an AI buddy. We bring customers delight and custom engagement – for a change.

It’s not just about selling better. It’s about radically rewriting the sales narrative to prioritize delightful buyer experiences over quotas. We saw how the world and buyers were changing. And we built the solution. For everyone.
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Let’s Get Sales Peaking

As company founders and business leaders ourselves, we experienced firsthand all the ways that the existing sales process wasn’t just ineffective, but straight-up lousy.

Lior created and was the CTO and Co-Founder of a cloud metering and billing platform. Omer was the Co-Founder and CCO of a top Customer Success platform. We’d been buyers AND sellers – and we’d seen the problems from all sides.

So we went to work. We brought together the best minds and the best tech and, once we got going, we couldn’t stop. With an elite team and AI as our ally, we built the platform that we wanted and needed.

And we’re still moving forward.
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We're a startup with deep pockets and big goals, led by two seasoned and committed entrepreneurs. Our mission is nothing short of revolutionizing the sales process. We’re looking for outstanding teammates in the Bay Area and beyond.
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